this is character was made by reu, it's a edited version of evil ryu (MVC style), the author also edited it's sprites to be new: the stance and some movements,he haves two stances, the normal and the fully charge stance


evil ryu intros are just like the normal evil ryu ones, but if he fights evil ken by reu(the same author) they'll special intros,

  1. evil ryu and evil ken, are both turned away, suddenly they both turn and hit each other in the elbow, and parry spark appears at each hit.
  2. evil ken isn't in the battlefield, and he suddenly comes dashing with a fierce fired fist, evil ryu counters the attack with a fierce punch which is electrified, and the screen starts twitching, like if it was an earth quake
  3. evil ken is in evil ryu's place, suddenly, evil ryu lands with an extremely powerful misogi, and evil ken avoids it by dashing quickly,
  4. the screen is black, and it starts to get clair, then, the both of them appears


evil ryu has got many specials wich are

  • Gou hadouken
  • Gou shoryuken
  • Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyakku
  • shin kick(named by the fans, cause in SF3, ryu says "shin" when performing it) a strong side kick which pushes the opponent and bounce them to the wall
  • Zankuu hadouken
  • shakunetsu hadouken (can be charged)
  • grab punch, grabs the opponent and hits them with the famous collarbone breaker punch up to 6 times
  • tenma kujin kyaku

supers and hypersEdit

  • messatsu gou hadou
  • tenma gou zankuu
  • tenma gou kujin
  • messatsu gou tatsumaki(named by fans)
  • messatsu gou kobushi(named by fans, evil ryu punches he's opponent with an extremly punch)
  • messatsu gou hyaku sutoraiki(named by fans roo, cannot be used a normal hyper, only if evil ryu makes a certain combination after the messatsu gou kobushi)
  • Kyoryokuna chimei-tekina kikku(named by fans,evil ryu's super version of shin kick)
  • metsu hadouken(can be charged)
  • kongukouretsu zan
  • misogi


Evil ryu 1st Evil ryu 2nd