is the the character of the same creator of evil ryu; reu(reuben).

he's one of the best characters ever made, him and evil ryu have got a new special "ability",when they make 3super in a combo(which will consume all the super bar], the latest will be destroying, means that will be stronger+extra effect/animation, fans called it "rage mode" the echo that follows ryu or ken will become red, an effect which tells that super became a hyper instead, but consuming 1lvl of the power bar.

[note:this mode can sometimes happen without a combo, just by luck]


vs evil ryuEdit

vs anybody else(exept ryu and akuma)Edit

  • ken starts playing, suddenly he grabs his head and the ground starts crumbling, and he turns out black to become evil ken
  • evil ken's hand is on fire, suddenly ken turns it of
  • same intro as akuma
  • evil ken makes his taunt


  • gou hadoken
  • gou shoryuken
  • gou tatsumaki
  • gou Shoryuken o kanryō(after a shoryuken)
  • Tatsumaki o hikiage
  • Kikku o nage
  • Daburuea sumasshu
  • Harikēn no kaiten
  • tenma kujinkyaku
  • zankuu hadoken
  • Ryū no bakudan

supers(rage mode)Edit

  • messatsu gou hadou(Chimei-tekina hadou)
  • shoryureppa(Ryū konbo)
  • shinryuken(Ryū o hikiage)
  • shippu jinrai kyakuu(Ryū raimei kikku)
  • tenma gou zankuu(Megahaipā bakuhatsu)
  • ryu kushami(Kusai iki)
  • Tenma goukujin wa kikku o tomonau(Tatsu ryū)
  • Doragonheddo(Doragonhedda)
  • Doragon no hiyaku(Ryū kasai jigoku)
  • Sutonpu ryū(Chikyū ryū)


  • shun gouku satsu
  • Panchi wa kasai-go no kikku
  • Ryū o hanatsu(or Ryū ikari)


Evil ken stance 2Evil ken stance 1

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